Some people don’t realize how important windows and doors are. Have you noticed how many homes in Doncaster are being replaced with new ones? There is a simple reason for it; the homes were not worth keeping. They were not giving the one critical thing that home-owners need from their homes, adequate protection!  It is the same in Balwyn, Balwyn North, Templestowe and Doncaster East. A big part of it is that government building regulations around glass, glazing and insulation were inadequate decades ago. They are still are! You can do better. Ecovista Windows is not the only good window and door company in Melbourne. There are many fine companies. Most offer a range of products to suit a range of customers. In our case, because we have learned how important insulation is, we also offer secondary glazing for existing homes. It’s called Lucky Window Insulation. We have fine-tuned systems to convert existing single glazed windows into double glazed windows with minimum fuss and expense. This is a very exciting thing for us because Melbourne people are becoming more aware of noise and thermal insulation and how valuable they are. The insulation provided by glass alone can make a difference inside the home of 30% in energy consumption. It will not suit everyone to use double glazing in their homes. It is a hard decision to forego the upgrading of the family car in order to pay for it more easily. On the other hand, as energy consumption goes up, spare cash goes down and comfort level also go down because natural insulation is always more pleasant than artificial heating and cooling.3