From Fern Tree Gully, Boronia and Rowville to Glen Waverley, Wantirna and Wheelers Hill, there are many fine homes that might benefit by a new window or door here or there. Ecovista Windows has the happy belief that it is not only selling good quality windows, doors and secondary glazing options, it is also help improve peoples homes way beyond their original condition. In the case of new homes, we encourage owners to look carefully at how much value they can get from a modest extra investment in windows and doors with genuine insulation value. Naturally, we also sell and install single glazed windows.

In the grand scheme of things, it is probably easier to sell new cars than it is to sell double glazed windows, or our secondary double glazing system Lucky Window Insulation. Again we encourage you to consider the longer view; while one option will give you savings and an increasing return on investment year after year, the other is more likely to be a sink-hole for funds and require more frequent replacement. To postpone the updating of your new car might be a wise move if it means your home can have reduced noise and be more comfortable and efficient in the years or decades to come.3