Inner Northern Suburbs

The northern suburbs of Melbourne are part of a diverse region for housing. Many homes in the inners suburbs of Carlton, Abbottsford, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Coburg, Thornbury and Northcote  have traditional timber framed windows. Double hung windows are the most common and have characteristic advantages and disadvantages. Where homes have been replaced the choice of window frame material is more often aluminium. Aluminum window and door frames having a sleek appearance and very low maintenance. There are no rules about what type of window frame you choose or about the style of window you choose. That is not to say that there will not be an impact.

The windows, or glazed doors, that you choose for your home should give you light and ventilation of course. These are two things you can have by sitting under a tree. The difference is that your windows must also give you protection. This is where good advice can help. Protection is required from sun, wind, rain, noise, creepy crawlies and one more thing; energy loss. This is why Ecovista Windows offers you a range of services from home design and Lucky secondary double glazing for existing windows, to brand new windows and doors, even installation. We want you to get the best from the effort you make to improve your home.