Entrance, French & Other Doors

Hinged doors are surely the most popular door style of all. Used for entrance, back yard, laundry and internally, there are few places where hinged doors are not desirable. The doors themselves may be made of wood or aluminium with or without glass for extra light. Glazed doors may be single or double glazed. They can have period style glazing bars or be inlaid with artistic patterns and designs.

Among other reasons for the popularity of hinged doors is their ease of use. It is arguably quicker and easier to pass through a hinged door than other non-powered doors. Hinged doors have another useful feature; they do not require extra space at the side to open into. Here are the main advantages of hinged doors: –

1   very easy to use and close behind you at the gentle push of a hand

2   can be paired to the ‘French door’ style to create a winder entrance.

3   can be made strong and heavy and still be easy to use.

4   lend themselves to great ornamentation and the addition of bold door furniture.

5  Hinged doors need take up no wall space.3