Awning Windows

Awning windows are probably Australia’s favourite window. The opening parts are hinged at the top and open outside. This makes the windows quite stable and secure and not usually affected by wind or rain. Curtains and blinds are not obstructed by the open sash.

Awning windows can be ordered with two sash control systems. The familiar winder system uses a fixed insect screen that remains in place. To open the sash simply wind it out to the desired position. The alternative system relies on stainless steel friction stays at the top. With this system the window is opened or locked using a lever handle. Screening is with a retractable pull down insect screen that clips neatly at the bottom. It is needed only when the window is open.

Awning windows may be paired one above the other to aid natural air flow, used singly or in combination with fixed panels. They are versatile and lend themselves to tall or wide designs.3