Solar Passive home Design

“only a barbarian would not turn his house to the sun”

                                               Roman proverb

The Romans might well think Melbourne is full of barbarians. Many established home building companies do not offer a single energy efficient home plan. Most do not offer designs that reflect your lands aspect and topography. They simply offer a short list of options and sell them on a criteria of price and superficial features. The problem is that nine out of ten of these homes, once built, cannot keep their occupants comfortable without artificial help. Even then they are not as comfortable as they should be. In fairness, it is difficult to criticise builders and design professionals for the situation. To compete in business they must offer what their customers ask for.

We don’t think Melbourne has been over-run by barbarians. We think Melbourne’s building design culture has simply lost sight of what is important. This may be for many reasons. Among them the relative cheapness of heating and cooling energy and the profitability of contemporary building methods. Without mod-cons to confuse them, the Romans learned quickly which designs worked. This is not to dismiss all modern technologies. If the Romans had had access to all of our modern building materials and technologies they would have been an even more advanced civilization.

Ecovista Windows offers a home design service for new or existing homes being renovated or extended.  It starts with a proper assessment of your land, so that you will have a home that fits onto your land in such a way as to leave you and your family some sheltered and private outdoor living space. Ideally you will be able to sit in the sunshine when the days are cool and relax in the shade when it is hot. Your house will be quiet, thermally efficient, healthy to live in and cheap to run. On top of these creature benefits your home will be economical to build, fire-resistant and built to last.

All of this is available in a package to suit your budget, because we only charge you for what we do for you. Why not make an appointment to come in and chat? It could be the independent advice you need to help make your house worth keeping for centuries to come.  That has got to sound like good value for money!3

Solar passive home design

These two homes share the same plan. One is much nicer to live in and cheaper to run because it was designed to compliment the climate. The other house is facing the wrong way.