Our Story

Ecovista Windows is part of Australian Eco Building Solutions Pty Ltd. That is what we like to do; provide people with solutions that will help them be Ecologically sound, energy efficient and sensible with their money and efforts so that their homes may last for many generations, even centuries. Our mission statement is this; The purpose of Australian Eco Building Solutions Pty Ltd is to help people make their homes more livable sustainable durable and affordable.

The company was formed in 2009. The founder, Frank Crute has long believed that a great deal of Australia’s building activity and effort is wasted because customers have been mislead to believe that appearance and finish are important measures of quality. Frank believes that appearance and finish are almost irrelevant to your family’s needs if the fundamental home design and building materials used to make it are wrong. The world can show off millions of homes that are already centuries old and still going strong. Some are occupied by the same families that built them. Why is it that so many Australians build homes that will be demolished and replaced 50 years on? How can it be good value to build a home that robs itself of centuries of potential life and usefulness?

after deciding to retire, Frank sought to find an equally capable owner for the continuation of Ecovista, after careful consideration, he decided to appoint Estelito Agatep as the new owner. Estelito also believes in the importance of the durability and quality of the materials whilst aiming to make it look exactly the way you want to help increase you comfort and energy savings. In doing this, Estelito hopes not only to help increase the life-span of your home, but to help increase the sentimental memories you will have with you family.

Several years ago Frank had occasion to help repair a damaged plasterboard wall of the home belonging to a woman new to Australia. Seeing her wall, she was curious about the product. She asked; ‘In Australia, everyone is rich. Everyone has a nice house and a nice car. Why do you build your houses of paper?’  Plasterboard is made of ground gypsum and paper. The product is easy to buy, easy to use and looks nice. This alone does not explain why it is used so inappropriately in most homes. Plasterboard is fragile. It has limited insulation value for noise or heat and offers little thermal mass to help with comfort levels. Combined with the other systems and labour needed for its use, it is not even cheap. This is one example of a product that is over-used. External rendering is another. At Ecovista Windows we will try and give you products and advice that will allow you to do better than the average when it comes to the products you buy and how you use them. When you fully inform yourself of the facts around home building you may not rush in to build a trendy modern home. You may see that Melbourne’s  modern homes will go the same way as those huge ‘yank tank’ motor cars of fifty years ago.

We are not alone. There are many good people, companies and government departments supporting the groundswell of enthusiasm for better, more protective and more durable homes.

For home owners in southern Victoria we offer solutions to help you insulate against noise and unwanted heat loss or gain. Double glazed windows and doors in aluminium or timber and the more economical Lucky secondary double glazing (for existing windows) are among these. It’s all about helping you to make your home a home worth keeping. We have a lot to offer you from simple window and door replacements to elite quality timber products clad externally with aluminium for great thermals and durability. So, building, renovating or planning, Get in touch today!

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