This includes sliding, bifold, entrance, French and other doors. Choose one that fits your needs and we'll help make and install it for you. Have a look below and contact us when you're ready!

Man Measuring Window


Sliding doors, like sliding windows, are very simple and versatile allowing for economy, convenience, large opening widths and panel sizes. Combined with the space saving design of this style it is no wonder that sliding doors are very popular. From just one sliding door to two sliding frames and one fixed, we can customise one just for your needs.

Modern Bedroom


Bifold doors offer the widest opening spans available because the door panels fold neatly together. The result can be wonderful for creating an indoor outdoor experience between any family/living space and an alfresco or barbecue area. They are also popular in shop-fronts where a wide access is desirable. In day-to-day use, a bifold door is usually closed, one door being available for passage whilst the other remain closed.

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Hinged doors are surely the most popular door style of all. Used for entrance, backyard, laundry and internally, there are few placed where hinged doors are not desirable. The doors themselves may be made of wood or aluminium with or without glass for extra light. Glazed doors may be single or double glazed. They can have period style glazing bars or be inlaid with artistic patterns and designs.

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