With options such as awning windows, sliding windows, bifold windows and Louvre windows, there will certainly be a window for you. Have a look below at all the kinds of windows we have and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


Probably Australia's favourite window, these windows are hinged at the top and open at the bottom outward. This makes the windows quite stable and secure and not usually affected by wind or rain. This is a favourite of many people and usually a go-to window when people are looking for one.


Sliding windows have many advantages and only a few disadvantages. This window slides open neatly within the frame space giving little or no obstruction inside and outside the building allowing easy use of the optional insect-screen.


Also known as vertical sliding windows, these windows are traditional in style and are often chosen to match or re-create period home styles. They are available in sashed and sash-less models. Designers often now combine the use of traditional external architrave trims around hinged window style such as awning windows, to give the visual effect of period architecture and retain the functional simplicity of a hinged window.


Similar to awning windows, tilt and turn windows also open on one side, mainly the top or side of the window, they also open to the inside of the building unlike awning windows which opens to the outside. The ability to open tilt and turn windows inside is very handy when cleaning the window because no work will be needed to be done outside.


Sometimes, it really helps to have a window that has no permanently fixed panes, so that you can open it really wide. This is the advantage of bifold windows. Used in the kitchen, for example, a bifold window can double as a server to the alfresco or patio. When the bifold window is opened, the leaves fold neatly to one side, leaving the window space clear and free


Also knows as side hinged windows, this traditional has always been popular, like other hinged style, casement windows close positively against rubber seals to give excellent weather protection. These windows normally open outwards to enhance weatherproofing, but can also be installed to open inward in you need it to. Although they may have an old fashioned name, they have great practical advantages and are here to stay.


Used in the right places, louver windows can be wonderful. Outdoor living spaces like alfresco and verandahs may be fitted with louvers to keep the rain out and let the breeze in. Louver windows give a clear view to the outside and still offer security for toddlers or pets. You can leave out the barbecue furniture and toys knowing that they are protected.

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